Illness & Medical Problems Solutions with Astrology Specialist in India

According to jyotish and astrology, every major or minor incident of life can be predicted by assessing planetary positions. Planets can also predict health problems. Let us have a look at what astrology says about diseases in your Kundali.

The Human body is the essence of five natural elements(air, water, fire, earth and space) and they are under the influence of the planets.

Planets Related to Diseases and your medical illness problems

Diseases like fever, heart trouble, orthopedics diseases, eye infections, headache and problems in gall bladder are caused due to the malefic influence of Sun. Whereas Moon causes health troubles like cough and cold, lung infection, respiratory syndrome and tuberculosis.

Health ailments like allergies, hysteria, mental disorder, skin disease, paralysis and epilepsy are caused due to malefic influence of Mercury. A native might face problem of jaundice, infection in kidney, acidity, obesity and other diseases associated with obesity because of inauspicious impact of Jupiter.

Jyotish and Astrology is divided into many branches. One such branch is Medical astrology. Our Medical astrology specialist in India, Punjab Ludhiana helps you in getting knowledge of present medical problems and also the mental and physical problems that one may face in future.

We often face strange situations in our lives. A person may have an accident or can get badly hurt. Sometimes, even doctors are not able to find the cause of a disease. Our skilled medical illness astrologer in India, Punjab Ludhiana can help in such situations.

Love Guru Baba Nazakat Khan can know about future accidents and diseases with the help of Medical astrology on the basis of Houses, Nakshatras, Dashas and other astrological calculations.

Contact our medical specialist astrologer Baba Ji in India, Punjab for all your Illness and Medical related Problems and get permanent solutions by Jyotish and Astrology remidies, Tantra Mantra and Vashikaran.

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